Forehead lines before and after BOTOX


Crow’s feet before and after BOTOX


Optimal correction includes glabellar and periorbital injections.

Just a warning, I’m about to be on my soapbox! I hate when patients come in and tell me their Botox “didn’t work.” I hate it, even more, when they tell me they spent way more than they should have on the procedure. Many of these patients were receiving twice the number of units that I would have injected, but not getting the results that they should have gotten. Trust me when I say the product always works.

Your injector makes a difference; it’s important to remember that they may be diluting the product, injecting the wrong areas, or not using the correct amount. All of these factors can lead you to believe that your Botox isn’t working.

The picture below shows the average number of units of Botox that most people would need for each area. Whether you are a newbie at injections, trying to figure out your Botox budget, or just unhappy with your results, this should give you a guideline for what you might need in the future.